Friday, March 7, 2014

Gratefulness in Action

For Lent this week I've been focusing on being grateful. It seems like the more I focus on it, the more obstacles have been thrown up in front of me to challenge my efforts while, simultaneously, the more reminders I've had to be grateful anyway.

So many people post videos on Facebook, I almost always pass them by. But when my friend posted this short clip (less than 3 minutes), the little girl's cute face caught my attention as if intentionally placed in front of me to sucker me in. I couldn't resist.

I'm glad I didn't. It reminded me that to cultivate a grateful heart we must, by necessity, be looking up and out beyond our own circumstances. Gratefulness expands our vision and reminds us to have a giving heart.

Jesus said we must be like little children in our faith (Matt.18:3). I think it's because children don't over-think or analyze a decision or belief, they just accept it and do it. 

May I be more childlike this week.


  1. made my eyes well up with this one

  2. We should all try to be more childlike. Beautiful post.

    1. Wasn't she just so pure in her giving? loved this.

  3. It is when my own expectations are not met that I am in the most pain.

  4. I love that, "May we be a little more childlike this week." I think if there is any great reminder we can repeat to ourselves in times of frustration or times of difficulty, it's that. Children are so free, and I by saying that verse, I feel like I can unchain myself from whatever stress I'm undergoing and just smile. :) And I agree, that is one very adorable girl!

  5. So wonderful after seeing so many small ones who are so self-centered. The little one speaks so well.